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We know how difficult and confusing it can be to get started with an online business so we decided to give away 1 Basic Website Package worth RM4000!

  • Free Logo Design
  • Free Website
  • Free Premium Theme for Life!
  • Free Hosting for 1 year
  • Free Domain Name for 1 Year
  • Free Premium Support for 1 Year
  • 20 Hours of 1-1 Classes for Websites & Digital Marketing

But that’s not all, everyone who signs up and enters will be granted FREE ACCESS to our **HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS WEBINAR**

This is where we will not only teach you about all the fake promises out there, but we’ll also give you some insight in some Digital Marketing techniques as well. We will also have a Bahasa Malay translator to answer questions in Malay too (also a former student).

For the small investment of RM20 you are guaranteed to win with our HOW TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS WEBINAR. The best part of it is, you get to answer questions too! That’s right, it’s just not us talking, everyone will get a chance to ask any question that they have!

Live Drawing Before The Webinar To Announce The Winner

April 3 2021 @ 8:00pm Malaysian Time

Note: Follow the link from the button below which will take you to a Google Form. Fill out the form, type 150 words or less why you think you should be the winner (you may add as many photos as you like). There will be a place to upload your document, and a link will be given for payment through one of our partner’s websites nimycollection.com after your document is uploaded. Just add your name to the payment (you can also text us +60125278785) and we will add you to the Live Drawing and immediately send you an invite for the webinar.

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Sertai Sekarang RM20 Je!

RM20 dah boleh dapat website?

Zaman COVID 19 ni berapa ramai dah berjinak² dengan bisnes?

Tapi.. tapi.. tapi.. memandangkan dah ramai mulakan bisnes online ni, tau tak macam mane nak bersaing dan kekal dalam bisnes?

Jadinya kami buka peluang untuk semua usahawan online untuk kuasai ilmu pemasaran secara digital (social media dan website) supaya bisnes anda lebih dikenali.

Dan yang paling penting, anda berpeluang memenangi pakej website yang menarik bernilai RM4000! 😱

Kebaikan website:
– boleh jadi kedai maya (virtual shop)
– lebih mudah nak susun atur produk
– prospek senang nak survey produk tanpa tunggu respon anda.
– order masuk tanpa perlu pening nak layan customer

Senang kan? Semuanya di hujung jari sahaja dan anda tak perlu buang masa nak jawab soalan customer sebab dah ada WEBSITE!

Nak ke website pada harga RM20?

Tekan link ini –> https://wasap.my/60125278785

Sertai Sekarang! Pembayaran!
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