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Dennis Carroll

I’m Dennis Carroll

Founder of Tutor Monkeys
10 Years of Teaching Experience

Teacher Trainer at Qosmo International School | TESOL Certified | Peer Counselor| Video Editor | Web Developer | Graphic Designer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 57000

+6012 52 78785

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Teaching Experience

  • Tutoring Experience:

    Profession : Teacher Trainer & Lecturer, IGCSE (English, Literature, ICT, Business, Accounting, Economics, History, Art & Design)

  • Online Tutoring Experience:

    I have trained more than 20 teachers at Qosmo International School in how to successfully teach and conduct online classes successfully. I have created and designed the workflow for various schools using the Google Apps for Education platform and trained over 500 teachers throughout Malaysia using technology in the classroom.

  • Tutoring Approach:

    As every student is an individual each will have their own strengths and areas to improve and therefore a different strategy will be needed for each child. My goal is to make learning as fun as I can and to be able to show improvement at the end of each class as students should always celebrate each victory no matter how big or small the achievement.

  • Fees Expected:

    Based on education level & type of program needed. We are currently offering a sale price of RM 70/1hr and RM 100/1.5hr. 

Web Design & All Services

  • Available for Online Tutoring, Web Design,  Digital Marketing & Creating Digital Media?

    Wow, sounds like a lot huh? Even though I have been teaching and doing professional trainings for over 10 years, creating websites, graphic design, video editing & filmmaking have been passions of mine for more than 25 years. Tutor Monkeys is where I can do what I love and what I’m good at.

  • Why Online Teaching & Professional Training?

    When the pandemic hit that has so affected this world, I saw many friends lose their jobs and find it difficult to get by. Tutor Monkeys was originally created  to help those I love (Teachers) by combining it with what I love (Creating Digital Media).

  • Online Tools Used?

    We use Google Meet for our classes along with Google Classroom which is part of the Google Apps for Education platform. We also teach using Adobe Creative Cloud because after years in the industry it really is the professional standard.

  • Tuition Fees:

    Based on program and level. (Starting at RM70/hr)

  • Online Availability:

    Weekdays: 3:30pm-11:30pm & Weekends: Open for appointment

Our Course Workflow

Using SMART goals for success


Identify the Goal

We first identify the goal so that we can make a plan for success


Breaking the Task into Parts

Create a timeline of smaller attainable goals to track progress


Setting an Agenda

Create a schedule of meetings or classes to ensure each smaller goal is achieved


Evaluation Review & Success

Once the final goal is achieved we evaluate, review, and discuss the success of the project or learning goal and if more is wanted or required

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